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Holly Young
After 17 years of living in my home, I've lost count of how many bats have visited me! I used a local company twice to seal my home, yet the bats kept coming back. After my latest encounter with a bat, I called two companies to come give me a free estimate - one inspector was quick and did not go into the attic, just put a head lamp on and looked around and told me I had a problem, and it would be two weeks until someone could help me. Then Mitch from Critter Control came out and spent several minutes in my attic, took photos of openings and evidence of bats. He explained everything that would be done. His tech Alexis came over two days later and searched my attic and brought down a bat with her! Bravest soul I've ever met! She was extremely thorough and innovative, sealing all possible openings in the roof and vents, w/ the exception of one hole on the roof where she inserted an exit tube for any possible remaining bats. I'll see her again in two weeks when she comes to clean the bat mess, disinfect, and seal the remaining hole. She is AMAZING! I'm already sleeping better knowing the problem is solved.
Christine Zmyslo
Critter Control was amazing. We live in the woods and they went around our house and sealed any open area and this has eradicated any animal sounds and pest control problems that we had in our home! Worth every penny.
Tracy Jones
They were able to capture and relocate a family of raccoons that were terrorizing a vacant house I had for sale and we were able to then complete the sale. It was very important to me that I knew the animals were not harmed. Critter control employees explained how they would be captured and released in a remote setting.
Jerry Brenneman
Nate McKenzie gave excellent service,never gave up in solving our problem with some unwanted animals.
Robert George
great people great service
Great people
Lewis Taylor
Jadey Cat
William Lindsey
Awesome workers
Bill Wise
Good people
Bob Foley